Tracks in the Sand (Huellas en la arena)

Tracks in the Sand (Huellas en la arena)

Stories | Illustrated by José Sanabria
Editorial Sudamericana, 1997, 2006, 2012
64 pages

Young readers

Deep and suggestive stories where friendship, justice, love, beauty and wisdom find their course. Written in the manner of the ancient European or Oriental stories and legends, the author explores and blows up the borders of wonderland. The man who came from far away lands, the one who is in his journey to Korasán, the one who weeps without solace over a stone, children searching for little golden fish and the woman that tells stories are featured in these emotive and sensuous stories.

Prizes and honours awarded
Los mejores Libros de 1988 (Best Books 1988). Banco del Libro de Venezuela
Recommende Alija (Argentinian Section of  IBBY)  in the category Illustration for José Sanabria

Published by:Argentina: Sudamericana/ Colombia: SM/China: Anhui Children’s Publishing House