The Vampire Woman (La mujer vampiro)

The Vampire Woman (La mujer vampiro)

Stories. Ilutrated by Lucas Nine
Editorial Sudamericana, 2001 -5ª edición, 2006
64 pages
11 years +

A collection of stories inspired by the oral tradition of Spanish-speaking people. Man’s fear has taken different shapes: it has turned into demons that visit us in order to put us to the test, or to propose disturbing pacts, like in /La Salamanca/, people who transform into animals as in /El Lobisón/, who eat other people as ogres and witches usually do in traditional stories, where common people become monsters due to a magic potion or to an evil spell…

However, the privileged inhabitants of these stories are the Dead, who return to the world of the living as vampires or ghosts or zombies.

In this work, Andruetto proposes a group of stories inspired by the oral tradition, and re-created with a limpid, intelligent prose, full of semantic echoes, very economic and personal. Far from seeking to make the reader “die of fright,” the purpose of turning that emotion into a refined aesthetic experience can be inferred“.  Cuatrogatos Magazine.

Prizes and honours awarded
White Ravens 2002. Internationale Jugedbibliothek. Munich, Germany.
Destacados (Distinguished) ALIJA/2002 (Argentinean Children and Juvenile Literature Association).

Published by:Argentina: Sudamericana/Chile Mondadori/Colombia: SM /China: will be published by: Anhui Children’s Publishing House