Las voladoras

Las voladoras

Stories | Editorial Páginas de Espuma, 2020 | 121 pages

Finalist of the VI premio Ribera del Duero

Creatures that climb on top of the roofs and start flying; a teenager fascinated by blood, a teacher that finds her neighbor’s head in the garden, a girl unable to part with her father’s teeth, two noisy twins in an experimental music festival, women who jump from the top of a mountain, apocalyptic earthquakes, a sorcerer that writes a spell to bring her daughter back to life.

Las voladoras includes eight short stories located in cities, villages, waste lands, volcanoes where violence and mysticism, earth and heaven, belong to the same ritual and poetic level. Mónica Ojeda makes our head explode and proves in her Andean Gothic that horror and beauty belong to the same family.

This wise writer of earthy ambition. Marta Sanz

An emotional, literary and esthetic impact. Mariana Enríquez

Beauty, poetry and magia. Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia

Ojeda makes you sometimes wish to close your eyes while you are reading. Horror and violence criss-cross with beauty and pleasure. Paula Corroto, El Confidencial.

A book of an astonishing forcefulness. Xavier González, El Periódico

A hypnotic rhythm that brands these new stories, close to allegory and fable, close to poetry too. Andrea Aguilar, El País

Mónica Ojeda breaks the seams of every genre she touches. Always. Inés Martin Rodríguez. ABC

Las voladoras confirms Mónica Ojeda as one of the outstanding names in contemporary Latin American literature. Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia.

The present of this writer marches towards a ferocious future. Xavier González, El periódico

Chosen by the newspaper El País among the best books published in 2020.

Included among the best 10 books in Spanish in 2020 by The New York Times.

Considered one of the best books of the year by the newspaper El Mundo.

The narrator carves the silhouette of exceptional creatures. Her characters fly over Andean mythology with both fluency and precision. Daniel Gigena, Página 12 

Its consideration of humanity’s worst is shocking not because it is implausible, but because it is honest. Therein lies its true horror. Latino Book Review

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