Short Novel
Funesiana 2016, Tusquets Editores 2018,
100 pages

Film rights: sold

Luro’s main character is a young pregnant woman who works and cleans a bar at a gas station in a little town from the Argentinian pampa. Days are always the same, submerged in the slowness caused by the infernal summer heat. Nothing seems to move except the blades of the electric fan.

But this calm is altered by the finding of an immigrant hidden in the restroom, scared and famished, and without hesitation she warns Julio, the owner, of what has happened. While the young woman, Julio and Sánchez (a lonely and a bit depressed employee) are trying to find out what to do, the foreigner disappears without any trace. The search for the man will be the perfect excuse to escape from that suspicious calm. Going through overwhelming, isolated, and devastating places, the young woman asks herself if it’s possible to leave the town for good, leaving everything behind to begin all over again.

Luciana Sousa, one of the writers chosen for the Bogotá 39 list, plunges us into a quiet atmosphere at a slow pace, and deepens the dilemma of escaping without noticing that, sometimes, escaping is the best way for things to remain the same.

A great novel. Tiempo Argentino 

A beautiful and tiny story about the desire to start a new life. Silvina Friera, Página 12

A short book, full of fibre. Josefina Licitra, Radio Nacional

The author creates a series of complex characters who are not looking for a world where they can live in, but rather facing the world that comes to meet them. Oltre Frontiere

(…) there is an evident search for the work of language, a polishing work that rarely abounds. Pablo Díaz Marenghi, Clarín