Cuando nadie nos nombre

Cuando nadie nos nombre

Tusquets Editores, 2022
168 pages

Special Mention Sara Gallardo Award 2023

The grandfather has died and Ana returns to her mother’s house after more than ten years. The town of his childhood, founded a century ago next to the train tracks in La Pampa, hardly exists anymore: the house is isolated among a few empty ranches, and soon the fields, now dedicated to soy production, will also be sold.

Coming back supposes the reunion with her mother and her grandmother, and the recomposition of a broken relationship. With the sale of the land, Ana disarms the history of the town and her own past, and she faces memories with which she will try to rebuild a new life.

There, in addition, live two brothers who they adopted when they were orphaned, who are known in the town as “the idiots”. The grandmother, a little lost, a little tired, confesses a secret of hers. And she asks for her help.

Luciana Sousa writes with words that are both images and sensations: textures, sounds and colors give life to this family story, marked like so many others, by silences.

When Nobody Names Us is a profound novel with its own atmosphere and rhythm, about those things that are forgotten. But also -and especially- on those that last.

(…) a novel of atmospheres rather than adventures. Mónica López Ocón, Tiempo Argentino

Uncertainty accompanies the reader until the last page, with subtlety and without pretense. Pablo Díaz Marenghi, Clarín

A subtle, stunningly beautiful and hypnotic novel. Emiliano Monge, El País

Excellent novel. Mónica López Ocón, Tiempo Argentino

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