Necesito saber hoy de tu vida

Necesito saber hoy de tu vida

Narrative. Chronicles
Siamesa Editora , 2021 , Editorial Anagrama, 2022
184 pages

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Ecuador Siamesa Editora | Latin America and Spain Anagrama

Nine extraordinary profiles of different human beings.
Sabrina Duque introduces us to a singer who wants to have a million friends and whose songs make us cry even if we’re not sad or in love; a champion soccer player who detests losing; a community of moody waiters, experts in saying no; a cartoon director’s determination to never underestimate children’s intelligence.
She was shortlisted for the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Prize in 2015 in the Text category with her piece of work Vasco Pimentel, el oidor
Her stories have been translated to Portuguese, Italian, and English

Virtuoso. Publishers Weekly en Español
A gallery of perfect portraits, of unforgettable characters, with an unusual viture: it’s absolutely IberoAmerican Jorge Carrión

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