Short Stories 10 years +
Ilustrated by: Johanna Wilhelm | Alfaguara, 2016
120 pages

Nomos is part of the “Elementales” (“Elements”) collection, a series based on the four elements – Water, Air, Fire and Earth – with all of Liliana Bodoc´s poetry.

In this collection of short stories the author explores the Earth. The planet, caves, clay, tunnels, sand, and myths are transferred to these pages.

These stories dig into, mold, turn and envelop the readers to make them go to the heart of their plots and find the sweet tune of Mother Earth, where mysteries flourish both in the air and the text.

Few things resemble each other so much as the Earth and storytelling. They can be turned into vessels or bricks, and both revolve around the Sun. Both can change color and texture.
But there is still more, something better… Earth and stories are furrows to plant a seed, water it and wait. So one day we could see the first buds of an infinite forest.