Short Stories 10 years +
Ilustrated by: Johanna Wilhelm | Alfaguara, 2015
128 pages

Salamandras is part of the “Elementales” collection, a series based on the four elements – Water, Air, Fire and Earth – with all of Liliana Bodoc´s poetry.

This book brings together stories about one of the four elements – fire.

A story about love and the Inquisition´s stakes, a futuristic story about shortage of sunlight, a play about a matchbox seller, a historical story about the Hiroshima bomb or a funny email about unrequited love.

Narratives that set fires, burn, illuminate and encourage the readers to follow the path all the way to the very origin of these stories.

In Salamandras, the author commits herself to an array of narrative styles. An original approach. Milena Heinrich. Télam-Cultura.