Story | Illustrated by Germán Wendel | 9 years +
Sudamericana, 2020
28 pages
An intimate story that could be summarized with the book’s preface:

How, without love and the intuition that comes from love,
can a human being place himself
in the situation of another human being? “

Carson McCullers

It is the morning of the 23rd and still the Christmas tree has to be decorated. Luisa kneels next to Selene and offers her a box full of Christmas decorations. The girl first chooses a golden ball, then a blue one, a red one. She listens carefully to each story Luisa tells her and reads her look.

A short story that shows the friendship between a country woman and a city girl. A tale about the inabilities of that little girl and the solitude of a grown-up woman, the social differences, the ferociousness of cities and that window always open to love.