Short Stories 10 years +
Ilustrated by: Johanna Wilhelm | Alfaguara, 2016
112 pages

Silfos is part of “Elementales” collection, a series based on the four elements – Water, Air, Fire and Earth – with all of Liliana Bodoc´s poetry.

In Silfos, air is the element that envelops readers through ten disturbing stories so they can find what is hidding behind it.

“Cuentos de aire” (Wind Stories) where tornados, smokes, dreams, and music come to us like the air. Without resistance…
The author suggests to let us get lifted away by the stories to the unpredictable destiny of the wind. These stories can blow our hair, sigh, seduce and make us fly.

“Air”, I said. And I opened the windows looking to the mountain ranges. Through the window came kites and trumpets; sighs, smoke and gossips. I was able to catch some. But others frayed like flags from old battles. Liliana Bodoc