Fabio Morábito receives the French Award Roger Caillois 2019

Fabio Morábito has been awarded the prestigious French Award Roger Caillois 2019 in the Latin American Literature category thanks to his novel "El lector a domicilio" ("Home Reading Services"). The ceremony will take place next January 27th at La Maison de L'Amérique...

Mónica Ojeda, Next Generation Prince Claus Laureate 2019

Mónica Ojeda, a writer who exposes the darkerst, hidden aspects of contemporary society. A writer who is unafraid of writing about taboos, using the language of her generation. She is a courageous and talented writer. Manuel de Rivero, Prince Claus Award Committee

Mario Levrero in Chinese

Mario Levrero in Chinese: La novela luminosa will be translated in Chinese and published by the Chinese company Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House