The Sixth Way (La sexta vía)

The Sixth Way (La sexta vía)

Debolsillo. Random House Mondadori, 2009
517 pages

Santo Domingo Convent, Antigua, Guatemala; December 27th, 1598. After suffering terrible torture and before dying at the stake, Dariuz Hässler, the heretic, has not only confessed his horrendous crimes, amongst others the murder of five newborn babies, but has also revealed the existence of a relic containing a mysterious map that indicates where to find a document which has been hidden for four centuries. Written by learned, catholic hands, this threatening document could crack down to pieces the foundations of all existing and future religions.

The Catholic Church fears the extinction of faith to the detriment of reason. The worshippers of Satan regard this as an excellent opportunity to finish off Christianity. And the members of the Corpus Carpus Society must keep the relic/secret hidden at all costs.

A fight without truces takes place where sex, black magic, treason and a reckless ambition for power are key pieces on the chessboard across which good and evil engage in their battle. A battle in which the borders between both armies/parties have never been so diffuse, and where faith is a dangerous double-edged weapon. A battle that can decide the future of humanity.

A worthy descendant of Alexander Dumas. Liliana Viola, Página 12, Argentina

Published by: Spanish worldwide Randon House Mondadori/ Denmark Jentas