Days of the Deer

Days of the Deer

Novel. Fantasy- Science fiction Young readers and Adults
Norma - Debolsillo, 2000 - 2012
336 pages

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English UK Atlantic Book/ Italian Fazi Editore/ German SuhrKamp/ French Seuil/ Japanese PHP Institute /Dutsh Uitgeveririj /Portuguese Planeta Brasil /Spanish Círculo de Lectores y Edhasa /Polish Proszynski.

Days of the Deer is the first of the three volumes that make La saga de los confines, where the author depicts a fascinating and boundless world. While the story of this first book is autonomous and a closed unit by itself, the ending is an invitation to continue reading.
This is the story of a people fighting for freedom.
In The Confines (Los Confines) the southern end of the Fertile Lands (Tierras Fértiles) live the “husihuilkes” and one of their most emblematic men, Dulkancellin, warrior and father of a large family. He is summoned to represent his people in a council that will meet in the remote city of Beleram, where all civilizations from the continent will be present.

This council is to decide what must be done about a disturbing development: magical signals and ancient books speak of foreigners arriving from across the sea and of Misáianes, the wicked son of “Death” and epitomy of “Eternal Hatred”.

When the Clash finally takes place war comes to the Fertile Lands and its people must defend not only their land but their livelihood because all is threatened with extinction.

The epic genre of worlds imbued with magic and inhabited by extraordinary beings in search of utopias also includes successful writers in Spanish. One of them is the Argentinian Liliana Bodoc. Raquel Garzón, El País

It would be wrong to see Liliana Bodoc as an epigone of the Tolkian model. We think Days of the Deer is the revelation of a great voice in juvenile literature. Nora Lía Sormani

Liliana Bodoc made use of the epic genre to narrate what she wanted, full of magic and imagination. Daniela Azulay, Infobae