Simi Tití  Looks at the World

Simi Tití Looks at the World

Short Stories 2 years +
Ilustrated by Viviana Garofoli | Kapelusz Editora, Grupo Editorial Norma, 2016
32 pages

The world, the jungle in this case, is different depending on how each person looks at it. The are many ways to define places and Simi Tití wants to experiment how to see them with eyeglasses, despite his mother´s prohibition.

His mother´s voice haunts him each time he is tempted to transgress but finally “decides to disobey by order of importance”. First, he wears his oldest brother´s eyeglasses, then his mother´s and finally his grandfather´s. To see through someone else´s eyes gives him an idea. And he looks again at the world with different eyes.

Gazes, perspectives, renovations and memories are paintbrushes Lilina Bodoc and Viviana Garófoli give us full of poetry, from words to images.