Detachment is a way to love one another (El desapego es una manera de querernos)

Detachment is a way to love one another (El desapego es una manera de querernos)

Short stories | Literatura Random House, 2015 | 294 pages

Dispersed or unfindable, these stories provide us with a new way to access the literature of Selva Almada, who is known for her often translated non-fiction and novels,, praised by the crítics and loved by her readers.

The naps and the streams, the thistles, and the machines, the paths along the Argentine coast. The heat. Workmates, siblings, grandparents, parents, lovers and friends. And among them, the unspoken codes that reveal the nature of the ties that bind them and the dialogues that affirm them and transform them, but which only an author of her talent can permit those who read them to hear.

The stories in this volume sketch out the evolution of powerful writing . Daniel Gigena, Diario La Nación

A world of its own unfolds out of the material from naps and games, with the melancholy hang-over of birthdays, family celebrations, recess, gossip at wakes. Silvina Friera, Página 12

The quality of the stories is extraordinary. Diario Perfil

Selva Almada is a genius. Fabián Casas

As one reads, one can smell the grass, experience the heat, feel the sun and the hardness of the bodies, of the líving and the dead. Matías Méndez, Infobae

(…) Selva Almada, with always reserved emotion and unique narrative intelligence, shows all the capability of her descriptive gaze. Diario El Litoral

One of the most important writers of the new generation. Diario La Razón