boy egg dog bone

boy egg dog bone

Children's for pre-readers (0-5 years) | Wonder Ponder, 2019 | 24 pages

Ellen Duthie & Daniela Martagón
A new series for pre-readers from Wonder PonderStop and Look Books,look ,play,think.
For pre-readers (0-5) and playful people of all ages. Who said lunchtime couldn’t also be play time?

A boy, an egg, a dog and a bone
step into the book for a play.
How many different things could happen?
Open, look and see!

Boy, Egg, Dog, Bone is an eye-twisting exploration of lunchtime possibilities.

Young children will delight in the playfulness that brings in elements of ‘peekaboo’, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘spot the differences’, encouraging them to stop and look very carefully after every page turn. ALL CHANGE!

“One of the most fascinating books for pre-readers I have ever seen. So much fun, yet gratifyingly challenging.” Adolfo Córdova

lunchtime / dogs / peekaboo / differences / change