Un par de Ojos un nuevos (A new pair of eyes)

Un par de Ojos un nuevos (A new pair of eyes)

Short Story | 5 years + | Ilustrated by: Javier Sáez Castán and Manuel Marsol
Wonder Ponder, 2022
40 pages

One of the ten best children’s books of 2022 by the newspaper El País

Spanish Booksellers Association Best Children’s Book of 2022

The Braw Amazing Bookshelf – Bologna Ragazzi Award 2022

Fundación Cuatrogatos Awards Recommended Book 2023

Vinayaki arrives at her new home with a small suitcase and a bad case of the jitters.
Gordon the perfect host, receives her with cake, a kind paw pat, and a spot of Scottish dancing. Pierre, Baby Kicks and Harriet welcome her to the Travelling Company of Wonder Rags with a curtsy, excited stamping and a cry of joy. Woohoo!

But Vinayaki is scared. She’s going to hospital tomorrow and it’s her first time.

A story about change, identity, cake, tears, more cake, questions, suspense, laughter and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Key Words: identity / change / humour / theatre/ puppets / eyesight / eyes / health /philosophy / fear / friendship / home / play