Un par de Ojos un nuevos (A new pair of eyes)

Un par de Ojos un nuevos (A new pair of eyes)

Short Story | 5 years + | Ilustrated by: Javier Sáez Castán and Manuel Marsol
Wonder Ponder, 2022
40 pages

Vinayaki arrives at her new home with a small suitcase and a bad case of the jitters.
Gordon the perfect host, receives her with cake, a kind paw pat, and a spot of Scottish dancing. Pierre, Baby Kicks and Harriet welcome her to the Travelling Company of Wonder Rags with a curtsy, excited stamping and a cry of joy. Woohoo!

But Vinayaki is scared. She’s going to hospital tomorrow and it’s her first time.

A story about change, identity, cake, tears, more cake, questions, suspense, laughter and the  beginning of a beautiful friendship

Key Words: identity / change / humour / theatre/ puppets / eyesight / eyes / health /philosophy / fear / friendship / home / play