The rabbit hunt (Caza de conejos)

The rabbit hunt (Caza de conejos)

Collection of thematically related short stories
Libros del Zorro Rojo, 2012
166 pages

A feverish rabbit hunt full of the most unlikely traps and bait. Bears disguised as rabbits or babies in wicker baskets that work well as rabbit lures. A well-organized expedition led by the idiot, who imagines erotic rabbits to masturbate as he drools. Laura, who hunts naked and traps rabbits between her legs. Evaristo, the plumber, who is disappointed when he catches empty rabbits with no clockwork inside.

Rabbits disguised as forest rangers, who love Schubert, and the den Águeda provides for them. “She is almost always lying on the carpet with her legs slightly open. One can sit at a prudent distance and if one is patient and makes no noise, one will in time observe a white, nervous little head pop out to take a look.

A work that “could be the rabbits’ trap made of words designed to finally catch people.”

The person who starts reading him will become irresistibley trapped by the magic of a literature full of mistery and humour . Diario La Nación, Argentina

Rivers of imagination.  Milibro, Portal  Literario

Strange, unusual, striking… Caza de conejos is an unorthodox books that will delight the most demanding taste. Papel en blanco, Portal Literario

Published by: Spanish  Libros del Zorro Rojo

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