The centipede gang (La banda del ciempiés)

The centipede gang (La banda del ciempiés)

Penguin Random Housse, 2010
190 pages

A terrorific gigantic worm formed by fifty men covered by a cloth wreaks terror in the city and forces private detective Carmody Trailler into action. Smithe Andrews, the police chief, suspects that this dangerous band of criminals is of Chinese background and orders a raid that leads to a series of diplomatic incidents, kidnappings, conspiracies, chases, acts of vengeance and international reprisals.

This is merely the opening of The Centipede Gang, a wild adventure movie which masterfully combines genres, humour, digressions and detours to create a dizzying universe where Mario Levrero once again finds a dazzling, unexpected way out.

A very entertaining piece of pulp fiction. Elvio Gandolfo

Published in Spanish world-wide  Penguin Random House