Nick Carter has a good time while the reader is murdered and I lie dying

Nick Carter has a good time while the reader is murdered and I lie dying

Penguin Random House, 2009
150 pages

In light of a series of death threats, the Ponsonbys, an old aristocratic family decide to hire detective Nick Carter.

To solve the case all he has to do is find a band of criminals and ne’er-do-wells who like to call themselves the “sea creatures” and locate their leader, the horrible Watson. For help he calls on Tinker, his faithful companion (a little man small enough to fit in his briefcase.) Nick’s method is simple: he relies on the aesthetic judgment events provide him with.

He always solves his cases but he in fact no longer cares.

Levrero offers us an experimental avant-garde aesthetic that seeks to go beyond the boundaries of literature by writing in the first and third person and addressing the reader and Nick Carter himself.

A parody of the cop novel, the installment novel, even the superhero genre. Embedded in the text are multiple readings that generate a reflection on identity, on the meaning of life…

A really entertaining story Letras Libres

Mario Levrero has a marvelous gift for seeing things the way they are and the way they are not at the same time. Alejandro Ferreiro  Revista Ñ, Clarín

Levrero defies convention.  Damián Tabarovsky  El País

Published in Spanish world-wide by  Penguin Random House/  Italy Jaca Book