Cuentos Cansados

Cuentos Cansados

Stories for children
Pequeño Editor , 2018
32 pages

Published by

USA Elsewhere Editions / Brazil FTD

Winner of the Cuatrogatos Foundation Prize 2019

In these stories, Mario Levrero once again surprises the reader with fresh, deliberately amusing prose. Yawns, silences, snores and long sighs turn exhaustion and sloth into an expressive tension woven beyond the limits of reality, logic and the expected resolution.

One man sleeps in his umbrella, another falls asleep on a skate and ends up on the ocean floor and yet another sleeps on an endless series of buses on his way to the home he never reaches… Each story is an exercise in boundless creativity in which weariness and fatigue are the protagonists and delirium is the key that lets us into a universe populated by absurd, deeply poetic situations.

In Cuentos cansados we encounter Levrero at his most genuine, most uninhibited, most fantastic.