Cuentos secretos

Cuentos secretos

Tusquets Editores, 2021
296 pages

The stories collected in Cuentos secretos cover a large part of the literary and personal history of an unparalleled author.

Sick and dysfunctional family environments; ferocious and monstrous characters; loneliness and suffering; sex and eroticism. All condensed in fiction. With a striking and incisive voice, Aurora Venturini incorporates idioms, anachronisms and popular jargon and invents her own language with no rules, as only she would know how to do it.

Sharp and with an overflowing sense of humor. These secret stories are inspired by memory and by the extraordinary environments that Venturini masterfully creates and illustrates, so she can tell the banal as well as the tragic.

Venturini’s greatest strength, the most original and brilliant aspect of her literature, is clearly her sense of humor. A mix of irreverence, wit and tenderness that could only come from a young woman almost 100 years old. Tamara Tenenbaum

Venturini writes with a prose that challenges all language conventions. Alan Pauls