Eva, Alpha & Omega

Eva, Alpha & Omega

Tusquets Editores, 2022
264 pages

Aurora Venturini takes up the great theme in her life: her relationship with Eva Perón in an autobiographical novel which has now been published in one volume with another one of her great texts of historical fiction about Peronism.

The Venturini of yesterday and today, with the same mastery as always.

Two books by Aurora Venturini in one volume: Eva, Alfa y Omega, which recounts her friendship with Eva Perón, had to wait years to be written; the other, Pogrom del cabecita negra, waited years to be re-edited. The two of them function as a whole: they not only clearly trace out Venturini’s stylistic career, but also speak of her relationship with the Peronist movement and its process of systole and diastole, which begins with its spiritual leader and travels through the blood in its veins: “The only privileged ones, my little plebs.”

In Eva, Alfa y Omega, Venturini reviews her legendary friendship with Eva Duarte de Perón in a fiction with precious inlays of reality (or vice-versa). Pogrom del cabecita negra (1969) is one of the essential novels by the author of Las primas, a simple, true, moving story about one of the darkest moments in Argentina’s history.

Admirable freedom for writing. Los InRocks

Venturini reviews her mythological friendship with Eva Duarte de Perón in a fiction that has precious inlaid pieces of reality (or viceversa). TELAM