Lo oscuro que hay en mí

Lo oscuro que hay en mí

Alfaguara , 2021
256 pages

Luis is a municipal employee in Buenos Aires who very much enjoys his monotonous life. His “squashing”, as he calls those sudden and persistent bouts of indolence, is shaken when his father – a Chinese trinkets traveling salesman – dies of a heart attack in Bahía Blanca. While dismantling his humble apartment, he discovers a bag with a hundred thousand dollars and, a few days later, one of his old clients reveals that he has to deliver something to him that his father kept in the trunk of his car, something very dangerous.

In this novel, Horacio Convertini immerses us not only in the unbridled and dangerous adventure that Luis must face when confronting the enigma that was his own father, but also leads us to unravel the secrets that we all hide from our loved ones. And even from ourselves.

Convertini has a passion for storytelling. His prose is a machine gun that fires heavy ammunition. Settings, characters and plot intertwine in an unstoppable gear, from which readers cannot escape. Álvaro Abós, Revista Eñe

(…) a vertiginous plot, and a prose that draws on journalistic language and links it to the United States literary tradition, without giving a break. Verónica Abdala, Clarín

The novel is hypnotic (…) No one comes out of Lo oscuro que hay en mí the same way they went in, not even the readers. María Belén Marinone Soriano, Clarín

Convertini turns each minimal scene -which he describes with precise words and loads with a singular beauty – into a great adventure that the protagonist must go through: the reader is grateful for being allowed to observe him from this privileged corner. Carlos Aletto, Infobae

Lo oscuro que hay en mí combines noir novels with thrillers, at times it takes on the momentum of a road movie and is utterly captivating. Agustina Larrea, El DiarioAr