El jefe de la manada

El jefe de la manada

Las tres edades. Ediciones Siruela, 2014
116 pages
Nina and her cousin Milo are eleven years old and they live in Buenos Aires, facing a huge park,  El Rosedal, where they usually go out to play. There they meet Gudrek, a vagabond who looks  like a big tree when he’s standing up and lives in the park with his dogs.

Nina and Milo want to fly and learn telepathy; every time they visit their grandfather, who lives in Colonia, across the river, they practice their exercises with him.

One day, the neighborhood dogs mysteriously disappear; Gudrek looses one of his, and Nina  and Milo decide to help him find it and investigate what has happened with the rest of them. Nina starts to have nightmares; through them she will get some clues that will guide them in the mystery of the disappearances.

Entertaining novel that combines the suspense with the praise of friendship and the respect for animals. El Cultural, España

Published by: España Ediciones Siruela/Argentina: Santillana