A truer life

A truer life

Short Novel
Alfaguara, 2017
109 pages

P. shows up in the life of the story’s female protagonist after nearly forty years. The love they shared in their teens resurfaces with the force of the soul’s deepest truths. But to fall in love at fifteen is not the same as falling in love after a lifetime.
They have only one day a week to meet, only one day to escape social demands and the commonplaces of love.
A truer life is the story of the questions that arise from life-changing encounters.

A woman who studies the man she loves also studies herself, looks at their lives and the shapes it took for each one of them, and she wonders.

As if she drew with one sweeping gesture all the scenes of a love relationship. Carolina Esses, La Nación

The reader has the impression of sliding side by side with the main character down the sweet and sour cliff of infidelity. Laura Galarza, Pagina 12

There’s a fierce suffering, stripped and distant which is related to Inés’ elegant, oh so very elegant prose. Hinde Pomeraniec

How convincing it is; right from the beginning, the speculations over the lover’s life, the intimacy, the white pages of time in between. Beautiful.  Eduardo Muslip

Third edition
Published by: Italy Bompiani / Rizzoli Libri