La arquitectura del océano

La arquitectura del océano

Short stories
Alfaguara, 2014
112 pages

To grow, love and live is like diving into the depths of the ocean. Craved for love, the characters in these stories—most of them women—navigate the world hooked to their own desires and to the signals given by others: signals that show the way, that announce calm waters or the danger of wreckage.

Intimate, subtle, reflexive, the sixteen stories that make up this book speak of the fruitless search for love, and confirm Ms Garland’s deep knowledge of the way desire unfolds. With refined precision, she perseveres in capturing human nature, as elusive as the architecture of the ocean.

A teen ager witnesses how her father flirts with her best friend right in front of her own mother’s eyes; an accident during a family’s vacation shatters a prejudiced woman’s deepest beliefs; three sisters stay under the care of a perverse nanny; attraction and repulse coexist in a couple’s sexual life.

Published by:  Spanish worldwide  Alfaguara