Los ojos de la noche

Los ojos de la noche

Santillana, 2016
157 pages
Dal’s boyfriend has just gone off to Brazil on vacation, when in fact they had planned to go together.   So she decides to drive toward the south of Argentina with her younger sister Lucia and three of Lucia’s friends who Dal does not know all that well.

In the south, she meets Tharo, a fellow quite different from the ones she knows. The son of a German woman and a Mapuche, he lives with his Mapuche grandparents in a cabin and tames horses. In line with the traditions of his ancestors, he tames them in the Indian way without spurs or bits which injure the animals’ mouths. Tharo has a different way of relating to people with long silences and respect and attention that she is not used to.

At the same time Maite, one of Lucia’s friends meets an older man, Zasiok, who woos her. But Tharo and his grandparents dislike and distrust this man.

In the course of the novel, as the bond between Dal and Tharo becomes closer, the reason for this distrust is gradually revealed.

In this setting of natural luxuriance and life in the outdoors, the friends become involved in a story of suspense and of dangerous love affairs that will change them forever.

A novel about love, mistreatment, submission and freedom set in the mountain landscapes of the south.

In this work Garland proves again that she is a poet in the shadow zone between childhood and adolescence. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Published by: Spanish Santillana / German Fischer Verlage